Donenfeld’s Department Store, Dayton, Ohio

Donenfeld’s Department Store, Dayton, Ohio

Although my Grandfather Ralph Donenfeld’s department store, “Donenfeld’s” is closed, my family and I still retain a few artifacts and memories of the business. The store started by Jacob and Sadie Donenfeld, and then passed down to my grandfather Ralph Donenfeld and his brother Stanley Donenfeld. The store opened in 1924, and closed in 1992.

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Store Closing covered on the Channel 2 News:

Early history, from the Grimes collection:



15 responses to “Donenfeld’s Department Store, Dayton, Ohio”

  1. kent phalen

    I have one of the most beautiful old wedding dresses I have ever seen with this tag on it donenfelds dayton ohio

  2. This is completely time trippy. I was searching for “Donenfeld’s Department Store” out of curiosity and came across this post. My mother used to work at the Sears in Salem Mall but always shopped at Donenfeld’s for our “nice” clothes, in the late 70’s – early 80’s. I had quite a few of those pink confectionary dresses with lots of ruffles, etc. from your grandfather’s store ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just happened upon your post as I was researching a mink coat of my grandmothers. It is gorgeous and made by Donenfelds!

  4. carol birdsell

    I found the most beautiful wool coat in my Moms closet, with the label Donenfelds. It is over 50 years old!!

  5. ML Grabill

    Hello Jeffery! My mother, Barbara Oster, worked at Donefeld’s Department Store in Dayton in 1955. I am wondering if you have or know where I can find any employee records since I am doing a genealogy search.


  7. I have a full length raccoon fur coat with this store’s name on the label. Does anyone know how much it may have originally cost, or what it may be worth now?

    1. Nadia –

      Thanks for reaching out! Could you send me a few good quality photos of the coat?



  8. Katie Jean

    I have my grandmas jewelry box and inside it there is a little Donenfelds box, with little sacred hearts and her husbands obituary from 1958! He must have given her some beautiful piece from your store. ????

  9. Debra F.

    I used to shop at Donefeld’s in Dayton, Ohio in the mid 80’s. I used to buy these vinyl designer handbags, they were $75.00. I’ve been trying to think of the name of the designer. They came equipped with a pull-out mirror inside them, and they were very well constructed. They came in several colors. I had one in taupe, brown, black, and wine. If anyone knows the name of these handbags, I’d be greatly appreciative if you shared it with me.

  10. Debra F.

    Update: The handbags were faux leather and they were by Lou Taylor. Lou Taylor handbags were sold at Donenfeld’s in Dayton, Ohio!

    1. Awesome! Thanks very much for the history Debra – the whole family loves hearing about Donenfeld’s customer experiences! :)

  11. Shanna Clark

    Today, while antiquing around in the Texas Hill Country area, I came across a beautiful grey coat with what appears to be a mink collar and cuffs. It is in absolute perfect condition as if it had been locked away for 50 years. Looks like it was never worn. I didn

  12. Noni Wood

    I worked at Donenfeld’s in the 80’s. I was the manager of Millinery Dept. Loved the Donenfeld brothers!

  13. It was a pleasure to shop at Donenfeld’s!
    I would meet my mother after school and we would be in awe at all the beautiful things being sold there.
    I’m feeling a little nostalgic for the city I loved and the people that made it great!