Across the Arctic Circle (An Idea…)

Bodø, Norway

A definite addition to my ongoing World Guide list is a grand tour of scandinavian and russian cities sitting north of the Arctic Circle. It’s incredible that there are so many large towns at such high latitudes – especially Murmansk, Russia. Someday, my ideal trip to experience all of these places may be to start in Iceland for the beginning of the spring, as the sun begins to rise. From Iceland, take a flight to the Faroe Islands. Another flight across to Norway, and then as the sun continues its rise, venture up by land north to the Arctic Circle. Once Arctic, with the sun fully risen, take the summer to travel by boat – fishing boats and the like, across the northern coast across Norway, Sweden, Finland. Then a major jump across the Barets Sea to the Kara Sea, and across the northern coast of Russia.

Who’s with me?! And who wants to sponsor me?

THE WORLD GEOGRAPHY: 10 Largest Cities Within the Arctic Circle.

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Map of the Arctic with the Arctic Circle in blue.
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