Google Ads Click To Call An Unexpected Success?

Who would have known that the lowly “click to call” option in Google Search Ads would end up being such a success? In an article on Search Engine Land, the click to call initiative is said to be a success – and a good thing too. Although a user clicking on or interacting with an online advertisement is a decent indicator of consumer intent, actually getting on the phone with a live human is an even stronger gesture:

In the way that people clicking on search ads are “raising their hands,” people calling are expressing an even stronger interest and intent. So while mobile and Click to Call are typically associated with location and physical stores, marketers can use Click to Call in cases where a live conversation is required to close a sale. These in-bound calls can be tracked and recorded as well, creating more insight and transparency for the marketer.

Looking forward, consumer adoption of click to call may continue to heat up, boosted by tighter integration of online call services such as Skype and Google voice, increased user confidence in mobile advertising brought on by faster, more reliable cellular networks, and declining voice calling prices.

Supporting this even more, Google was recently seen testing testing phone numbers and

tags in rich snippets. If they keep this in their search results, that could mean every search result, if properly optimized, could be click to call enabled.