Fresh-N-Fast Burgers Opens

Fresh-N-Fast Burgers Opens

Last week, Dave, Tobye and I checked out Heath Wolfson’s new Fresh-N-Fast Burgers in Manhattan, which just opened up. It’s just down the street from Shake Shack, and has been recently pitted against the burgers there, as well as burgers at California’s In-N-Out Burger. I got the single cheeseburger, fries, and the manager threw in a chocolate shake on the house.


The cheeseburger was very good, if not a bit undercooked. It came an a very soft potato bun, with all the usual fixings. This was a great burger, but I think if given the choice, I’d still go down the street to Shake Shack. I asked the girl at the counter if they had been compared to anybody, and she confirmed that yeah, people had been asking about In-N-Out all day. No animal style here, but the staff was super friendly.

The fries were ok, nothing ultra special – hand cut, many with the skin, and salted, but def not overly salty. Unfortunately, we got our meals to go, so the time the fries sat steaming themselves inside the brown paper bag kind of softened them up a bit. I usually like my fries nice and crispy.

Finally, the much discussed Chocolate Shake was definitely the highlight – not sure exactly what kind of ice cream they used for it, but it was perfect – reach chocolately flavor, without being too sweet. And thick, but drinkable with a normal sized straw. Apparently, they started off doing only 24oz shakes, but at the time we got them, the manager said that they had stepped down to a 16oz size, and were testing that out. 16oz was surely enough, especially for $4.89 – in Manhattan, at least. New Yorkers get used to insane prices.

Overall good experience, would def go back again if I had the chance. Currently, my “best burgers in NYC” list stands at:

Top 5 Best Burgers in NYC

  1. Corner Bistro
  2. Shake Shack
  3. Good World (now closed, unfortunately)
  4. Burger Joint
  5. Pauls