>RJD2 @ The Guggenheim

>Listening to: Nicolas Matar – Tropicalism

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180 Degree Guggenheim View, originally uploaded by jamfan2.

Last night, Kat and I went to the Guggenheim Museum for the Flavorpill First Fridays event, with RJD2 DJing… was a great party, especially since we were drinking for free, seeing a ton of cool people, and listening to great music…. The Guggenheim was a n incredible place to have this kind of party.. so many people there, and it was great wandering around the spiral ramp with hip hop beats wafting through the air.

This picture is a composite of 6 seperate pics i took. No fancy tricks, i just went midway up the ramp, rested my cameara on the guardrail, and tilted it a little after each pic. You can see the seams where the pictures merge. Since i was using just a normal camera with a normal lense, and not really paying too much attention to uniform metering and focus, a lot of the lines don’t line up. I didnt try to correct this too much in photoshop. But its a 180 Degree vertical panorama, going from looking straight down to looking straight up.

Also, video of RJD2 on the decks… good stuff, and you can see him using the turntables to controll the digital audio stream from his laptop. Cool.



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  1. >yay fun times!-Kat