Hola Hola Hola…

Hola Hola Hola…Finally, i have arrived in Spain…So after traveling for 10 hours and warping 6 hours into the future (to spanish time), i have finally arrived. I got into the Madrid airport this morning at 7am, and caught a ride to my hotel in the city. So far i?ve met two of my classmates…Liz and Rob, and since we have the day free, we?ve just been bumming around madrid…..hehe, we went to this little local cafe this morning for a drink, and ordered hot chocalates for each of us….it was amazing..spanish hot chocolate is not just swiss miss dissolved in water…this is some hard core shit…its got the consistency of tomato soup….pretty powerful. Tonight we?re meeting the rest of the group at 730 for a group dinner, and tomorrow morning we leave at 8am to go to Granada to get settled in. I?ll post pictures and whatnot as soon as i get my whole internet/digital camera thing worked out……

oh, right now im at this internet cafe called easyInternetcafe


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