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I love to travel and go on adventures all over the world. I use my blog to chronicle my adventures, and my mission with my Travelogue is to keep track of every country and unique territory I’ve visited, and provide an index of related travel articles on my blog.

California Week One: Relaxing in La Jolla

Trekking Across East Asia, Summer 2015

My New Home For This Week: La Jolla Palace

NOLS WOE Tetons Ski Mountaineering Expedition: Day 20 – Kick Wax

Conferencing in San Francisco

Tour The West Antarctic Ice Sheet Field Camp, Antarctica

Exploring the Mountain Villages of Northern Shan State, Myanmar

Moving to Antarctica Leg 1: Denver, USA to Christchurch, New Zealand

The South Pole Traverse Arrives

Sailing The Leeward Islands – Day Six – Il Forche

NOLS WOE Tetons Ski Mountaineering Expedition: Day 5 – Skinning and Field Gear Evaluation

Spain Nostalgia

A Map Of The Most Photographed Places In The World. Let’s Go To The Least!

Exploring the Abandoned Ruins of the Cuc Phuong National Park Resort

The Acid Lounge Returns – To Antarctica!

Exploring Luang Prabang, Laos

Iceland Day One – Keflavik to Reykjavik

Rain and Games in Macau

Climbing Mt. Sneffels to 14,150 feet

Touring the Castro District, San Francisco

Watch My DPRK Documentary: An American Tourist in North Korea

A Day in Vienna, Austria

How To Gear Up For An Antarctic Science Expedition Part 2: Extreme Cold Weather Gear

Baklava At Cagdas In Gaziantep, Turkey

Back in Bangkok

Video: Exploring Saba, Netherlands

Turkey Day Nine – ‘Antep

The WAIS Snow Pit

Finally… Bangkok.


Bonjour Records, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Riding The Slow Boat To Luang Prabang, Laos

Appelfabriken to Gothensburg

Infographic: Kowloon Walled City

Israel Day Three – Uganda

Photos: Sailing the Leeward Islands

Relaxing at Shasta Lake, California

NOLS WOE Tetons Ski Mountaineering Expedition: Day 12 – Avalanche Science

Hello Thailand! First stop, Koh Lanta

Stars over Navajo Lake in Telluride, Colorado

Photography in Telluride, Colorado

Investigating SPIDER Polarimeter Long Duration Balloon Payload

Why Staying in Hostels While Traveling Solo Is Great

My Father Hiking to Hope Lake

Blogging From The Field – Turkey and Israel 2008-2009

Trekking South Through Egypt

SPOT Satellite Messenger Giving False Checkin Confirmations

Nostalgia: Mexico

Notes from the New York Times Travel Show

The South Pole Communications Office

Celebrating Chanukah at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Desert Living in Jordan

Turkey Day Three – Adana to Antakya

Riding Waves At The Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast Surfing Championship

Turkey Day Five – Antakya to Kilis

Spring Break 2004 Wrapup

A Lap Through France: Cities, Beaches, Mountains, and a Wedding

McMurdo’s Ice Shelf Airport – Willy Field

Hong Kong is the Place To Be

Going Inside the Vinh Moc Tunnels, Vietnam