Field Log

I love to travel and go on adventures all over the world. I use my blog to chronicle my adventures, and my mission with my Travelogue is to keep track of every country and unique territory I’ve visited, and provide an index of related travel articles on my blog.

The National Science Foundations Central Offices at McMurdo – The Chalet

Communication and Control at WAIS Divide, Antarctica

Arriving in Peru – Aclimitization

Ko Panyi – Thailand’s Floating Muslim Fishing and Football Village

Staying In Shape While Living On A Frozen Polar Station

“Big Brother” In Antarctica


Exploring the Batik Markets of Yogyakarta, Java

Back to Yangon for a Day – Goodbye Myanmar!

Shanghai Built Knockoff Ghost Towns Copied from Around the World

Return to NYC

The Cu Chi Tunnels

Entering Tent City, WAIS Divide, Antarctica

Saigon, Vietnam

How To Gear Up For An Antarctic Science Expedition Part 3: Field Camp Expedition Gear

Sailing The Leeward Islands – Trip Summary

Exploring Hoi An, Vietnam

Building The Askaryan Radio Array At The South Pole

Explorers Club Trophy Room

Surviving The Beginnings of Hurricane Irene in St. Maarten

Getting Jet Blasted by a Boeing 747-400 at SXM

Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station Holiday Greeting Card 2012

Henryk Arctowski Station’s Holiday Greeting Card

Touring the Bicep2 Microwave Telescope with Physicist Jonathan Kaufman

Investigating SPIDER Polarimeter Long Duration Balloon Payload

Tristate Tough Mudder Course Map

Getting Ready for the Tri-State 2011 Tough Mudder

Open Mic Night

Mona Lisa Overdrive

Sunrise at Mt. Bromo

Sailing and Scuba Diving in Baja, Mexico

Taking Ozone Measurements at the South Pole Atmospheric Research Observatory

Entering Cambodia via Phnom Penh

McMurdo’s Ice Shelf Airport – Willy Field

All Hands On Deck at the South Pole

Infographic: Happy Leap Day!

Exploring the World’s Most Powerful Icebreaker – The Jet Engine-Powered US Coast Guard Cutter “Polar Star”

Video: Exploring Saba, Netherlands

NOLS WOE Tetons Ski Mountaineering Expedition: Day 12 – Avalanche Science

Happy Birthday Gal!

McMurdo Station’s Hospital

One Day In Mandalay, Myanmar

Happy Thanksgiving!

How To Gear Up For An Antarctic Science Expedition Part 2: Extreme Cold Weather Gear

Exploring Alcatraz

Iceland Day Eight – Vik to Reykjavik

Mountain Biking the Sacred Valley, Peru

The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Summer 2012-13 Galley Crew Photo

Happy New Year from the South Pole!

Playing With Liquid Helium At The South Pole Cryogenics Lab

Why Staying in Hostels While Traveling Solo Is Great

Living and Working at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Field Camp, Antarctica – Summer 2014-2015

Stepping Into The City Of The Future, Seoul, South Korea

Arrival at Singapore’s Changi International Airport

Notes from LeWeb Conference, London

The Oyster Crew Cache Has Been Planted in Il Forche

Exploring the Dutch Island of Saba

Spring Break 2004 Wrapup

Landing An LC-130 Hercules

Iceland Day Nine – Reykjavik

On the road

Traveling Through Turkey and Israel – Photos