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I love to travel and go on adventures all over the world. I use my blog to chronicle my adventures, and my mission with my Travelogue is to keep track of every country and unique territory I’ve visited, and provide an index of related travel articles on my blog.

Published on the Antarctic Sun: Lost Airplane Ceremony Photo

Lunch in Piermont

Sunset on the Euphrates

Turkey Day Two – Adana and Kozan

Return to NYC

Bechyovinka, Russia

Mawson Station, Antarctica Holiday Greeting Card

Mawson Station, Antarctica’s Holiday Greeting Card

Photos from New Years in Telluride, Colorado

Exploring Manila, El Nido, and Coron, Philippines

Tubing on the Delaware River

Back to City Life in Jakarta, Indonesia

NOLS WOE Tetons Ski Mountaineering Expedition: Day 7 – Snow Shelter

Scott Base Antarctica Holiday Card 2012

Scott Base, Antarctica’s Holiday Greeting Card

Shooting the South Pole’s Holiday Card

Climbing Mt. Washington

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

Trekking in Peru

Sailing The Leeward Islands – Day Five – St. Barts

A Day in Vienna, Austria

Palmer Station Antarctica Holiday Card

Palmer Station, Antarctica’s Holiday Greeting Card

Yangon, Myanmar – A New Frontier for Travel

The Trek Over Salcantay Pass

Inside Social Apps 2012: The Facebook Platform Roadmap

Stay Clean – Doing Laundry at the South Pole

California Week One: Relaxing in La Jolla

The Gym at the South Pole

Panoramas from Israel

Iceland Day One – Keflavik to Reykjavik

Cyprus: Divided

Goodbye to the Normals

Appelfabriken to Gothensburg

Israel Day Two – Austrian Hospice

Downtown Kilis

Getting Hitched at the Shanghai Marriage Market

Trekking Across Israel as Staff for Israel Outdoors

Hong Kong is the Place To Be

Starbucks Card Wifi Access Working…

Mapnificent Visualizes and Answers “Where can I get to from here in how long?”

Getting Wet and Muddy for the Tough Mudder. Grrrrrr

Helicopter Operations at McMurdo Station

Love Hotel Jzauruss, Beppu, Japan

An Antarctic Thrift Shop: McMurdo’s Skua

Adventure Network International Sets Up Camp At The South Pole

On the road

My New Home For This Week: La Jolla Palace

Tinder Makes Its First Match in Antarctica

COSRAY – Detecting Neutrons in Antarctica

Tonsai Beach, Thailand – Climbers Paradise

Testing Before (Possible) Departure

Living and Working at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Field Camp, Antarctica – Summer 2014-2015

Sailing and Scuba Diving in Belize

The Computer Lab

First Day In Stockholm


Hiking to Hope Lake…

Recovering in Aguas Calientes

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How To Pack For A Trip To The South Pole

The South Pole Medical Clinic