Field Log

I love to travel and go on adventures all over the world. I use my blog to chronicle my adventures, and my mission with my Travelogue is to keep track of every country and unique territory I’ve visited, and provide an index of related travel articles on my blog.

Shooting for the Stars in Hawaii

Exploring North Korea and Running the Pyongyang Marathon

Halong Bay, The (Annoyingly) Boozy Way

My Room at the South Pole

Jetting to Sweden…

Shibu Onsen Snow Monkeys

Discovering Israel with Birthright

Nicaragua, Day One

Happy Holidays from McMurdo!

Photos from New Years in Telluride, Colorado

NOLS WOE Tetons Ski Mountaineering Expedition: Day 10 – Jake Deserts The Group

Road Tripping Through Iceland

Sailing Egypt’s Nile River on an Ancient Felucca

Refilling the Liquid Helium of Bicep2

Turkey Day Seven – Canyonlands

In Oxford

Blogging From The Field – Turkey and Israel 2008-2009

The South Pole’s Satellite Communications Link: The Golf Ball

April Fools on the Internet!

The National Science Foundations Central Offices at McMurdo – The Chalet

Frequently Asked Questions about life at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica

Biking to Bear Mountain with the New York Cycle Club

Published on the Antarctic Sun: The 2013 Geographic South Pole Marker Dedication

Turkey Day Nine – ‘Antep

The Antarctic Crash of C-121 Lockheed Constellation “Pegasus”

Back to Thailand For A Moment – Chiang Mai

Let Me Send You Mail From The South Pole

Ikea… In Sweden

The Antarctic Race Around The World – Course Rules and Map

Tristate Tough Mudder Course Map

Getting Ready for the Tri-State 2011 Tough Mudder

Ko Panyi – Thailand’s Floating Muslim Fishing and Football Village

Geneva, Switzerland

Into the Arctic: Iceland

Exploring Machu Picchu

Getting To The Heart Of The Keck Array Microwave Telescope: Cryostat Disassembly

Sunset at Alta Lakes

Turkey 2008 – Video

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

The South Pole’s Fuel Supply

Running the Bolder Boulder 10K Memorial Day Race

Shooting the South Pole’s Holiday Card

Balinese Wedding Prep: Pig Slaughter

Recreation at McMurdo – Hiking the Observation Hill Loop Trail

Sunrise at Mt. Bromo

Infographic: Kowloon Walled City

Delta + Amazon = Free In-Flight Shopping and Zero Productivity

Moving to Antarctica Leg 3: McMurdo Station to Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Tattoos At The South Pole

Next Week I’ll Be Guiding An Adventure Across Israel

Arriving in Peru – Aclimitization

Iceland Day Three – Blönduós To Akureyri

Good Evening from Lake Minnewaska

Rain and Games in Macau

Lonely Planet: Japan

Relaxing in Ubud, Bali

The Crew House, St. Maarten

IceStock 2015 – McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Modern Ghost Towns, Racecars, and Skyscrapers in Shanghai

Wrapping Up: The 2014 New York Travel Festival

Patong Beach, Phuket – Thailand’s Racy Side