Field Log

I love to travel and go on adventures all over the world. I use my blog to chronicle my adventures, and my mission with my Travelogue is to keep track of every country and unique territory I’ve visited, and provide an index of related travel articles on my blog.

The 2013 Triple Bypass – The Bike Rack Road Team Report

Downtown Adana

Team 4 – Emergency Medical Response

Southern Coast Summer

Introducing My World Map of Travel Adventures

Tramping at Arthurs Pass, New Zealand

Visiting Boulder, Colorado May 2011

Sailing and Scuba Diving in Belize

Traveling Through Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and Japan, Summer 2013

Mawson Station, Antarctica Holiday Greeting Card

Mawson Station, Antarctica’s Holiday Greeting Card

Palace of Versailles, France

Hallstatt, Austria

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Illegal Teak Logging on the Backs of Elephants in Taunggyi, Myanmar

Starbucks Card Wifi Access Working…

Getting Hitched at the Shanghai Marriage Market

UI Considerations for Effective Indoor Navigation

Climbing Mt. Sneffels to 14,150 feet

Happy Holidays from McMurdo!

2012 Yearly Wrapup

Photos: Sailing the Leeward Islands

Venice Tomorrow

It’s Snowing Today At The South Pole!

Spring Break in Italy

Sailing Eastward In Search Of Komodo Dragons

Flying From Civilization To Nowhere – New Zealand to Antarctic Field Camp

Shooting the South Pole’s Holiday Card

Turkey Day Seven – Canyonlands

Relaxing in Paris

SPOT Satellite Messenger Giving False Checkin Confirmations


Las Lajas Sanctuary, Magui, Columbia

Exploring the Salkantay Trail and Machu Pichu in Peru

Back in Bangkok

Visiting the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, China

Recreation at McMurdo – Hiking the Observation Hill Loop Trail

The Trek Over Salcantay Pass

The Interactive Traveler: 10 Ways to Stay Connected while On The Move

Entering Tent City, WAIS Divide, Antarctica

Climbing Mont Blanc – 15,781 ft, Western Europe’s Highest Mountain

A Climbing Wall In Antarctica

Band Practice at the South Pole

Kanchanaburi – Escape to the River Kwai

“Big Brother” In Antarctica

East Jerusalem To West Bank

Icelandic Skier Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir Completes Her Epic Trek To The South Pole

The Quiet Reading Room

South Pole Ice Tunnel

Moving On From Idaho Falls

Sailing the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Happy Holidays from the South Pole

Taking Ozone Measurements at the South Pole Atmospheric Research Observatory

Curiosity Rover Successfully Lands On Mars!!

The Supply Arch

NOLS WOE Tetons Ski Mountaineering Expedition: Day 3 – Backcountry Film Festival

Video From The Austrian Hospice In Jerusalem, Israel

Exploring The Oldest Subway Tunnel in North America

Biking from Hue to Hoi An, Vietnam

Staffing an Adventure Trek with Israel Outdoors – Round 2

NOLS WOE Tetons Ski Mountaineering Expedition: Day 21 – Transferrence