2022… another incredible year! Twins, family, home, career, and adventure – so much! Twins Asher and Ari turning 1 in October and developing their own very individual personalities. Asher’s first few steps. Ari’s fetching smile and charming social skills. Twins discovering the snow, crawling laps around the house, and finding new things to climb on and in. Fun trips to Telluride, Boulder, and Seattle. Slides – headfirst Ari, feetfirst Asher. Finally finishing interior renovations on our house

– brand new kitchen, dining room, mud room, and pantry. Birthday, holiday, mid-week, summer, and winter parties at the house. Family and friends visits – lots of photoboothing! Hilary learning to be a digital artist. Jeffrey getting his Private Pilot License (ASEL).

Goodbye 2022, welcome 2023! We’re so excited for the new year, and can’t wait to see you soon!

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