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What a real Postagram looks like

Postagram: Real Mailed Postcards from your iPhone: $0.99

Postagram is a new iOS app and associated service iwhich allows users to send real life postcards, custom printed with any photo from an associated Instagram photo pool. Post cards are just $0.99 to send. The service was announced today by new company Sincerely on their blog: Introducing Postagram – Instagrams by mail. At the …

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Lecture: How Spatial Arrangement Creates Movement, and Implications for Consumer Shopping Behavior at Ikea

Here’s a great talk by Professor Alan Penn of the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, discussing How Spatial Arrangement Creates Movement, and Implications for Consumer Shopping Behavior at Ikea. It’s long, but a great analysis of the topic, with easy foundations of key concepts explained. “Professor Alan Penn describes the way that architects use space …

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Shooting the Highline Design Book Release Party

Last week I took photos and volunteered at the Friends of the Highline Design Book Release Party. The party was actually underneath the Highline, and featured a great band, food and drinks. The new book, “Designing the Highline” showcases the Highlines’s design from Gansevoort to 30th street. I haven’t been up on that section of …

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Visual Magnetic Fields – Magnetic Movie

Coolest video/cg I’ve seen this week. With a combination of science and 3d Animation, Scientists from NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory made this nifty movie which brings to life complex magnetic fields. Take a look and read the back story. Finally, make sure to turn the sound up. In addition to the trippy visuals, the crackle and pop …

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CNN Prints Custom Headline T-Shirts

Pushing forward on the viral, social, apparel front, CNN is now printing one-off headline T-shirts. Now, if you go to the homepage, you can click the little mini t-shirt icon next to a headline, and poof, get a black, white or grey T-shirt made with that headline, time-stamp, and CNN logo on it. Absolutely amazing. …

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