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  • The Acid Lounge – Ongoing Playlist

    The Acid Lounge – Ongoing Playlist

    Dance, groove, travel, work, repeat. The master playlist for The Acid Lounge, by Jeffrey Donenfeld. The Acid Lounge was originally a weekly radio show aired on Radio1190 KVCU Boulder from 2000>2005. It was created/hosted by Jeffrey Donenfeld @Jeffzilla . Now, The Acid Lounge exists as a growing playlist on Spotify….

  • The Acid Lounge – Winter 2015

    The Acid Lounge – Winter 2015

    The Acid Lounge started as my radio show on the University of Colorado’s Radio1190 radio station for a solid five years, from 2000-2005. Now, it exists as a series of playlists and podcasts, published sporadically and sometimes monthly. The Acid Lounge Winter 2015, hosted on Spotify.

  • The Acid Lounge Returns – To Antarctica!

    The Acid Lounge Returns – To Antarctica!

    Believe it or not, McMurdo Station has its own radio station – 104.5 FM Ice Radio. The station broadcasts with 50 watts around the McMurdo Area, and is able to be heard as far away as Williams Field and Pegasus Airstrip. Additionally, the station is broadcast locally on an AFRTS TV channel. This evening, I…

  • Mix of the Day: Feed Me’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

    Mix of the Day: Feed Me’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

    While I’m working all day, I usually listen to electronica mixes. Lately my favourite website to find new mixes is TheFuture.fm – and today, I found a great new BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix by Feed Me. Essential Mix is one of my all time, long time favorite radio shows, and is hosted by the…

  • Back on Radio1190 – DJing A Guest Set on Sub-Harmony

    Back on Radio1190 – DJing A Guest Set on Sub-Harmony

    During college at University of Colorado at Boulder, I worked at the college radio station Radio1190 KVCU as both the RPM Music Director and the host of my own radio show, The Acid Lounge. During the show’s 5 year run, I had the privelege of having DJ and producer Chad Westcott on as my co-host.…

  • The Acid Lounge – First Episode

    The Acid Lounge – First Episode

    Here’s the one that started it all – the pilot episode of my college radio show, The Acid Lounge, broadcast in 2001 on Radio1190, KVCU, Boulder. The audio is a little hot, but you get the gist of where the show began. Enjoy! [display_podcast] The Acid Lounge – Pilot

  • The Acid Lounge 2005-06-23

    The Acid Lounge 2005-06-23

    Another episode of my college radio show, The Acid Lounge dug up out of the archives. This audio recording is from Radio1190’s automatic audio archive, so it’s being recorded before it gets processed (leveled) and sent to the transmitter. Because of that, and because I was still learning how to be a radio DJ, the…

  • Stunning new HD video from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

    The yet to be released Canon EOS 5DmkII, in addition to 21 Megapixel stills, also takes full 1080P 30FPS video, Akihabara News just posted another stunning, unofficial Canon EOS 5DmkII HD video, taken with presumably a pre-production sample of the camera. It goes on sale at the end of the month, at which point expect…

  • Musical Roots: The Breezeblock on BBC Radio One

    Musical Roots: The Breezeblock on BBC Radio One

    Update on 2010-02-21 – BBC Radio One’s show “The Breezeblock” hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs has long been one of my favorites. Back in college, it was one of the two main influences in defining the sound of my radio show on Radio1190, “The Acid Lounge“, along with Gilles Peterson’s show “Worldwide”. Although I’ve listened…

  • The Acid Lounge 2004-09-08

    The Acid Lounge 2004-09-08

    Jeffzilla.com’s first podcast! This is an old episode of my college radio show The Acid Lounge, from 9/8/2004. I originally mixed and broadcast it on Radio1190 KVCU-Boulder from 9pm – 11pm.  For more info on The Acid Lounge, and to see all of my older playlists, surf over to The Acid Lounge Blog. Enjoy! [display_podcast]…

  • The Acid Lounge blog featured!

    >Quick note.. The Acid Lounge’s blog, TheAcidLounge.com was featured in Blogger.com’s “Blogs of Note” section this week. Thanks blogger/google for checking us out!

  • >TheAcidLounge.com wins at Meebo.com

    >Listening to: Blue Note Trip – Jazzanova Just thought I would let you know that The Acid Lounge’s website, https://www.TheAcidLounge.com just won the meebo.com contest for technology integration! On The Acid Lounge website, we’ve been using meebo’s “Meebo Me” widget to connect to our listeners via IM directly from the shows page. Its a lot…

  • Oddfellows Lodge Haloween Party

    >Listening to: Dzihan & Kamien – Live in Vienna Ok, as of 10 minutes ago, I’m the DJ at the Oddfellows Lodge Haloween Party.. Sweet! see you there!

  • CMJ Music Marathon Wrap-up

    CMJ Music Marathon Wrap-up

    Listening to: RJD2 – Since We Last Spoke Ok, so I spent the past week or so in New York City, attending the CMJ Music Marathon. (among other things) Chad Westcott, founder of Lowland Apartments and my co-host on The Acid Lounge on Radio1190 accompanied me to the city. We stayed in my aunts extra…

  • >DJ’ing at Tulagis

    >Listening to: DJ Z-Trip & DJ P – Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 Played a few sets tonight and last night at Tulagis on the hill…. more later… Oh, one last thing… my brother, Jason, works pretty hard on writing programs, dhtml scripts etc, and he’s actually done a bunch of good work… some nice little…

  • >chillin in the studio

    >Listening to: Willie Bobo – Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries [Dan the Automator Remix] Ok, so I’m in the broadcast studio at Radio1190 now, doin my radio show…. Lately, since I bought turtables and a mixer etc, I’ve been mixing and recording my radio show at home, and then making a cd of it…

  • Club156 DJ Set

    Club156 DJ Set

    Club156 DJ Set Yeah so, I played a short DJ set at Club 156 last night… the set went ok.. I played between bands, for about half an hour.. i had a pretty good playlist and everything, however the sound guy had no idea what he was doing, and for some reason my sound was…

  • Spain Nostalgia

    Subject: Spain Nostalgia Ok so I just read the latest dispatch from my friend Charles, who just arrived in Madrid, Spain, on his way to Granada… Where I studied last semester. I though i was done with the place when i left but i guess not.. looking back on it, going to study abroad, especailly…

  • > SUBJECT: The Acid Lounge

    > SUBJECT: The Acid Lounge My weekly radio show, The Acid Lounge broadcast on Radio1190, KVCU-Boulder now has its own WEBPAGE! Check it out at ILikeLasagna.com/TheAcidLounge

  • The Acid Lounge – August 6, 2003

    Playlist for The Acid Lounge August 6, 2003 Artist – Song DJ Shadow – Blood on the Motorway Groove Armada – If Everybody Looked the Same Nicola Conte – Bossa Per Due Mr. Scruff – Get A Move On Dave Holmes Mocean Worker – Hey Baby Ben Butler – The Listening Room Tosca – Busenfields…