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Here’s Where China Makes Volkswagens – My Private Tour Of VW Car Plant #3

Lots of cars are made in China, including Volkswagen and Skoda. Showing up in a suit unannounced, I managed to talk my way into an unscheduled private tour of Volkswagen Shanghai Car Plant #3. Here’s how it all works: More on my explorations of Shanghai: Modern Ghost Towns, Racecars, and Skyscrapers in Shanghai

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During a down moment at WAIS, I built and aereal vehicle for my GoPro, with the hopes of getting aerial video of field camp. The WAIS Aerial Camp Photographic Survey Instrument (WACPSI) was made out of foam. Some of its design features: Lightweight, protective, and insulating foam body. Integrated aero-wedge frontal shock-absorbing nosecone. Vertical stabilizer with …

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Tracking Satellites in McMurdo at NASA’s Near Earth Network Ground Station

One of the more interesting facilities at McMurdo station is NASA’s NEar Earth Network Ground Station. The facility is comprised of a server and management office in McMurdo proper, as well as a large satellite dish, covered with a radome, on the edge of Arrival Heights, just outside of town. From NASA: October 3, 2014 …

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The HAM Radio Shack – Talking To The World From KC4AAA At The South Pole

Buried deep within the B1 Emergency Pod at the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station is the emergency communications booth – inside, there is a complete set of backup comms equiptment, capable of operating completely independently from the rest of the station in the event of a catastrophic loss. In addition to backup gear, there is …

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