Month: May 2008

  • Weezer – Pork and Beans Video Sources

    The new Weezer music video for Pork and Beans off their forthcoming album (the red album), due out June 3rd, 2008 is quite the mirror. In one foul swoop, they managed to distill down most of the major “viral videos” from the last couple of years, including some older classics, namely All Your Base (Zero…

  • Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas

    Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas

    London-based artist Miltos Manetas just threw up his latest web creation, Simple and cool – move your mouse around to draw, click to change colors. Read about the whole thing on DazedDigital.

  • Google Launches Friend Connect

    Google Launches Friend Connect

    Google just announced, and will launch tomorrow, Friend Connect. Will this be another building block in the road to the ultimate ubiquitous social network? With any website being able to add a social networking component, and all of those components being able to network together via Open Social, we’re about to be one step closer…

  • Morpheus Media is Entrepreneur’s #20

    Morpheus Media is Entrepreneur’s #20

    Morpheus Media, where I work on the SEO and Emerging Technologies team, was just listed the number 20 fastest growing small business by Entrepreneur Magazine. This is up from #40 last year. Nice!

  • No unlimited storage on MP3Tunes?

    No unlimited storage on MP3Tunes?

    I’m the proud owner of a Slim Devices Squeezebox. It’s a nifty networked audio streamer, which connects to my stereo, and can play music from almost anywhere – off my computer with iTunes integration, internet radio, Pandora, Real Rhapsody, Live365, RadioIO, and MP3Tunes. The local music playing and internet radio are free services. Local music…

  • Internet Famous?

    A while ago I blogged about Jamie Wilkinson’s “Internet Famous” course. Now, the CNN comes out with this article, about internet fame and David Weinberger’s talk ROFLCon… Some excerpts… clipped from   The new fame: Internet celebrity The Internet is setting a new standard for celebrity. Fame is no longer about getting “15 minutes,”…

  • RSS Day

    RSS Day

    I’m a huge fan of RSS, and preach it to my clients continuously. Additionally, I’m hooked on Google Reader for checking out RSS feeds for all the sites I track – Check out this page of my “shared” headlines, or subscribe to my headlines feed. Like this blog? Subscribe to the Jeffzilla RSS feed, powered…