Month: April 2008

How to blog from anywhere

My blog runs on the WordPress platform, which works great. Lately, I’ve been trying to open up as many avenues for posting as possible. I want to make is as easy as I possibly can to publish – including what I’m reading, viewing, notes from my office, from home, from out and about in the …

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Will This Blog Kill Me?

Thanks to a link from Robert Scoble’s Scobleizer, I’m now fearing for my life. The New York Times just ran a piece on the blogger culture, where bloggers are paid by the post. They stress to the max to stay on top of the latest trends, churn out posts, and make their blog rise, or …

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3G iPhone and the Sad State of “Broadband”

Recently at the Beet.TV Executive Summit in Washington, Wall Street Journal writer Walt Mossberg spoke on the convergence of computer and TV entertainment, internet bandwidth, and the importance regulation/deregulation from the top. I’m with Walt on this. The critical step for converging TV and computer content/entertainment, and allowing us to take the next step in …

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