Jeff and Bren on the Vortex

Jeff and Bren on the Vortex, originally uploaded by jamfan2.

Bren and I on the Vortex rollercoaster at Kings Island. We were young. I found this photo in an old shoebox last time I went home. I don’t know why I’m posting it.. just thought it was funny.
Also, I just bought a Flickr pro membership, so i can store lots of photos and whatnot on flickr. It’s a pretty cool service, and offers lots of flexibility. For a whole flickr photo album, check out the Winter Music Conference post, below.


  1. Mercedes says:

    I’m flabbergasted. This exibit has left me, um…blip…uhh..speachless. I’m just glad you’re drinking free beer and not drinking soda.

  2. Carrie Lorraine says:

    I’m lovin up the pictures as always on your site! It looks like I may be out your way in the near future. :) Hope you are well!

    Ps. Kickball is awesome!

  3. julia says:

    jeff, i was in nyc two weeks ago and we actually also made it to the roof top of the gansvoort hotel. great place, great location!
    hi from germany, julia.

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