About to board – they keep the engines on at pole, so the plane stays warm and doesnt freeze. Thus, to board, we must walk around the front of the plane and pass about 20 feet in front of the spinning props.

Leaving the South Pole Station for McMurdo Station

Summer has ended at the South Pole Station, and now the main summer crew is transiting through McMurdo, off the ice. My final day on station was Feb 12th. On that day, I packed up my bags, got on an LC-130 Hercules, and flew from pole to mcmurdo. As much as I was excited to be leaving for warmer climates, overall I was sad to be leaving pole – my friends there, the way of life, the general feeling of being there is truly unique and amazing, and something to be missed.

Images on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamfan2/albums/72157632822597095


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